Changelog: swc v1.1.45


preset-env: non-swcrc config (#783)#

Previously if you use transformSync without a file name, configuration related to preset-env was ignored. This is obviously wrong and it's fixed with v1.1.45.

UX Improvements#

Better error message (#781)#

When swcrc file contains invalid value, swc prints a more detailed error message. Note that although swc supports specifing multiple entries in the .swcrc file, error message for multiple item is not improved yet.

failed to load config for file 'SourceFile(/Users/kdy1/projects/node-swc/__tests__/../tests/error/simple.js)'
Caused by:
0: failed to deserialize .swcrc (json) file: unmatched data: 2:6
1: unknown field `js`, expected one of `env`, `test`, `exclude`, `jsc`, `module`, `minify` at line 2 column 6