Changelog: swc v1.2.22

General improvements#

No install script (#1009)#

With napi-rs, swc becomes faster and install script is removed. npm i @swc/core is enough!

emitDecoratorMetadata checks for Reflect (#1011)#

Thanks to @Brooooooklyn, swc now works just like official tsc while transpiling decorators.

Performance improvements#

Parser (#1004)#

Previously, parser of the swc did many crazy things. For example, while parsing keywords, it allocated an interned string for them, and convert them to cheap enums. And now, the cheap enums are created directly.

Fixing various crazy things like this, parser becomes 10% faster.

TypeScript transpilation (#993)#

TypeScript pass got 5 times faster. Previously it was slow due to a design flaw, but is's now fixed.