ChangeLog: swc v1.2.30


.d.ts files and the documentation of swc is now consistent.

See: configuring swc


spack (#1075, #1078)#

  • Panic while calculating the least common ancestor.

Previously, in some cases, lca calculation resulted in a panic because root entries do not have any ancestor.

  • Cyclic imports mixed with normal imports

This was tricky to fix because spack works in the parallel manner. You can't know which module is loaded first, and even the order of processing is not determined.

  • Cyclic imports in the root entry

Previously, swc could not handle cyclic imports in the root entry. But it's now fixed.

musl support#

swc finally supports musl. It was my long-cherished project, and finally fixed by @Brooooooklyn.


It's a much faster alternative for ts-jest without type checking.




module.exports = {
transform: {
"^.+\\.(t|j)sx?$": ["@swc/jest"],