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Changelog: swc v1.2.61

· 2 min read


parser: Long numeric literals (#1803, #1806)#

swc now can handle very long numeric literals like




logical assignments (#1788)#

swc now transpiles

a ||= b;


a ??= b;


escapes in jsx properties (#1782)#

There was a bug which make using unicode chracters in jsx properties hard.

preset-env: Nullish assignments (#1812)#

Because some browsers support nullish coaelscing operator while not supporting nullish assignments, I patched swc to transpile assignments to assignment with nullish coaelscing operator.

Line terminators in literals (#1754)#

EcmaScript allows some strange chracters to be used in a string literal. Previously swc didn't allow it, but it's now fixed by @tmpfs.

optimizer: Side effects of while (#1825)#

Previsously the dead branch remover of swc was to aggressive and could break codes like

while ((p(), 1)) {}while ((await, 1)) {}

This is now fixed.

parser: Undefined unicode codepoints (#1813)#

For rust-side users of swc, the code below made program error with arithmetic overlfow.


Platform support#

old linux (#1809)#

swc now uses older version of glibc to support old linux environments.

Done by @Brooooooklyn