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Changelog: swc v1.2.84

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hygiene: Less renaming of variables (#1600)#

swc uses special system for managing identifiers. The system modifies lots of identifiers, even when it's not required. This is now fixed and swc renames only if required.

Implemented by #2193.


Variables in for-in loops (#2164)#

Previously, swc dropped some variables declared in for-in loops in async functions, when targeting es5 or lower.

Fixed by #2181.

parser: arrow in cond (#2174)#

Previously, swc tried to parse the code below as function expression with a typescript type annotation.

const x = {  prop: isCorrect ? (fn) => ({}) : (fn) => true,};

Fixed by #2178.

jsx: <> with single child (#2177)#

Previously swc did not produce optimal code for

export var App = function () {  return (    <>      <div>1</div>    </>  );};

Fixed by #2178.