[][src]Enum sourcemap::DecodedMap

pub enum DecodedMap {

Represents the result of a decode operation

This represents either an actual sourcemap or a source map index. Usually the two things are too distinct to provide a common interface however for token lookup and writing back into a writer general methods are provided.



Indicates a regular sourcemap


Indicates a sourcemap index


Indicates a sourcemap as generated by Metro+Hermes, as used by react-native


impl DecodedMap[src]

pub fn from_reader<R: Read>(rdr: R) -> Result<DecodedMap>[src]

Alias for decode.

pub fn to_writer<W: Write>(&self, w: W) -> Result<()>[src]

Writes a decoded sourcemap to a writer.

pub fn lookup_token(&self, line: u32, col: u32) -> Option<Token<'_>>[src]

Shortcut to look up a token on either an index or a regular sourcemap. This method can only be used if the contained index actually contains embedded maps or it will not be able to look up anything.

pub fn get_original_function_name(
    line: u32,
    col: u32,
    minified_name: Option<&str>,
    source_view: Option<&SourceView<'_>>
) -> Option<&str>

Returns the original function name.

minified_name and source_view are not always necessary. For instance hermes source maps can provide this information without access to the original sources.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for DecodedMap[src]

impl Debug for DecodedMap[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for DecodedMap

impl !Send for DecodedMap

impl !Sync for DecodedMap

impl Unpin for DecodedMap

impl UnwindSafe for DecodedMap

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