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Rust-based platform for the Web

SWC is an extensible Rust-based platform for the next generation of fast developer tools. It's used by tools like Next.js, Parcel, and Deno, as well as companies like Vercel, ByteDance, Tencent, Shopify, and more.

SWC can be used for both compilation and bundling. For compilation, it takes JavaScript / TypeScript files using modern JavaScript features and outputs valid code that is supported by all major browsers.


SWC is 20x faster than Babel on a single thread and 70x faster on four cores.


# Download prebuilt binaries
npm i -D @swc/cli @swc/core

# Transpile JavaScript file and emit to stdout
npx swc ./file.js

SWC can be downloaded and used as a pre-built binary, or built from source. Currently, the following binaries are provided:

  • Mac (Apple Silicon)
  • Mac (x64)
  • Linux (x86_64)
  • Linux (aarch64)
  • Linux (armv7)
  • Alpine Linux (also install @swc/core-linux-musl)
  • Android (aarch64)
  • Windows (win32-x64)
  • Windows (ia32)


SWC is designed to be extensible. Currently, there is support for:

  • Compilation
  • Bundling (swcpack)
  • Minification
  • Transforming with WebAssembly
  • Usage inside webpack (swc-loader)
  • Improving Jest performance (@swc/jest)
  • Custom Plugins

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SWC is created by kdy1dev. Follow @kdy1dev on Twitter for future project updates.

Feel free to join the discussions on GitHub!