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Getting Started

Getting Started


The easiest way to try SWC is using the Playground.

Otherwise, run the following to download pre-built binaries:

pnpm add -D @swc/cli @swc/core

Then, you can transpile your first file and emit to stdout:

npx swc ./file.js

Supported Binaries

SWC can be downloaded and used as a pre-built binary, or built from source. Currently, the following binaries are provided:

  • Mac (Apple Silicon)
  • Mac (x64)
  • Linux (x86_64)
  • Linux (aarch64)
  • Linux (armv7)
  • Alpine Linux (also install @swc/core-linux-musl)
  • Android (aarch64)
  • Windows (win32-x64)
  • Windows (ia32)