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Run the following to download pre-built binaries:

pnpm i -D @swc/cli @swc/core

Then, you can transpile your files:

# Transpile one file and emit to stdout
npx swc ./file.js
# Transpile one file and emit to `output.js`
npx swc ./file.js -o output.js
# Transpile and write to /output dir
npx swc ./my-dir -d output


--filename (-f)

Filename to use when reading from stdin. This will be used in source maps and errors.

npx swc -f input.js


Path to a .swcrc file to use.

npx swc input.js --config-file .swcrc


The name of the 'env' to use when loading configs and plugins. Defaults to the value of SWC_ENV, or else NODE_ENV, or else development.

npx swc input.js --env-name='test'


Whether or not to look up .swcrc files.

npx swc input.js --no-swcrc


List of glob paths to not compile.

npx swc src --ignore **/*.test.js


List of glob paths to only compile


npx swc src --only **/*.js

--watch (-w)

To automatically recompile files on changes, install chokidar:

npm i -D chokidar

Then, add the -w flag:

npx swc input.js -w

--quiet (-q)

Suppress compilation output.

npx swc input.js -q

--source-maps (-s)

Values: true|false|inline|both

npx swc input.js -s


Define the file for the source map.

npx swc input.js -s --source-map-target


Set sources[0] on returned source map


The root from which all sources are relative.

--out-file (-o)

Compile all input files into a single file.

npx swc input.js -o output.js

--out-dir (-d)

Compile an input directory of modules into an output directory.

npx swc src -d dist

--copy-files (-D)

When compiling a directory, copy over non-compilable files.

npx swc src --copy-files


Include dotfiles when compiling and copying non-compilable files.

npx swc src --include-dotfiles

--config (-C)

Override a config from .swcrc file.

npx swc src -C module.type=amd -C module.moduleId=hello


Invoke swc synchronously. Useful for debugging.

npx swc src --sync


Log a message when a watched file is successfully compiled.

npx swc input.js --log-watch-compilation


Use specific extensions.