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Run the following to download pre-built binaries:

pnpm i -D @swc/cli @swc/core

Then, you can transpile your files:

# Transpile one file and emit to stdout
npx swc ./file.js
# Transpile one file and emit to `output.js`
npx swc ./file.js -o output.js
# Transpile and write to /output dir
npx swc ./my-dir -d output


--filename (-f)

Filename to use when reading from stdin. This will be used in source maps and errors.

npx swc -f input.js


Path to a .swcrc file to use.

npx swc input.js --config-file .swcrc


The name of the 'env' to use when loading configs and plugins. Defaults to the value of SWC_ENV, or else NODE_ENV, or else development.

npx swc input.js --env-name='test'


Whether or not to look up .swcrc files.

npx swc input.js --no-swcrc


List of glob paths to not compile.

npx swc src --ignore **/*.test.js


List of glob paths to only compile


npx swc src --only **/*.js

--watch (-w)

To automatically recompile files on changes, install chokidar:

npm i -D chokidar

Then, add the -w flag:

npx swc input.js -w

--quiet (-q)

Suppress compilation output.

npx swc input.js -q

--source-maps (-s)

Values: true|false|inline|both

npx swc input.js -s


Define the file for the source map.

npx swc input.js -s --source-map-target


Set sources[0] on returned source map


The root from which all sources are relative.

--out-file (-o)

Compile all input files into a single file.

npx swc input.js -o output.js

--out-dir (-d)

Compile an input directory of modules into an output directory.

npx swc src -d dist

--copy-files (-D)

When compiling a directory, copy over non-compilable files.

npx swc src --copy-files


Include dotfiles when compiling and copying non-compilable files.

npx swc src --include-dotfiles

--config (-C)

Override a config from .swcrc file.

npx swc src -C module.type=amd -C module.moduleId=hello


Invoke swc synchronously. Useful for debugging.

npx swc src --sync


Log a message when a watched file is successfully compiled.

npx swc input.js --log-watch-compilation


Use specific extensions.


Remove the leading directory (including all parent relative paths) when building the final output path. As an example it compiles all modules under src folder to dist folder, without create the src folder inside of dist.

npx swc src -d dist --strip-leading-paths